care instructions

In order to have fun as long for as possible with your new piece of jewelry, please take a few general tips and hints on care:

The biggest enemy of semi-precious metals and base metals is moisture. Moisture can lead to oxidation (for iron known as rust, for copper as verdigris). Avoid contact between your jewelry and water, as well as cosmetics such as lotions, powders or hairspray. Do not wear your jewelry when bathing, showering or doing sports!

In order to avoid mechanical stress and damage (for example, by sticking to your clothing), you should always put on jewelry as the last and put it down as the first. It is best to keep each of your jewelry separate from others so that harder materials do not scratch softer ones.

Sunlight can change the colors of plastic elements, glues and varnishes in fashion jewelry, turn them yellow or fade. If you do not wear your jewelry, it should be stored best protected from sunlight.

Clean your jewelery after each use with a soft, lint-free cloth. If you would like to use additional chemical cleaning agents, please read the respective instructions for use and the contents of the detergent: Ingredients, such as alcohol, ammonia and acids are not suitable for this purpose.

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